High Performance Engine Oil Grades and Oil Gallery

Engine Oil Grades

KiC High Performance Oil is available in the following grades & packing :

API SM Grade

5W30 4L 100% Synthetic (PAO + Ester) Enhanced fuel economy & cleaner emissions. Recommended for cars under 50,000km mileage.
10W40 4L 100% Synthetic (PAO + Ester) Enhanced fuel economy & power. Our flagship oil recommended for all types of cars, especially with Naturally Aspirated engines.
10W50 4L 100% Synthetic (PAO + Ester) Superb power & endurance properties. Recommended for turbo-charged, supercharged or modified cars. Exceptional low oil temp & high oil pressure for competition or spirited-driving.
Racing Spec (custom blends) Custom blended based on competition / race type, type of cars & horsepower ratings. Available through special order / indent basis only with minimum order quantity required.

Transmission Oil

SAE 75W90 API GL-5 Super Gear Oil & LSD Formulated for manual transmission with or without LSD. Enhanced protection against wear during hard-driving or competition. Ensures smoother gear changes and exceptional heat resistance.
ATF Dexron III 4L 100% Synthetic (H) Grade Available for most automatic transmission cars except those with CVT transmission. (H) Grade is widely known as Hyper Grade in Japan, one of the highest ATF grade which is 100% synthetic. For exceptional wear protection & heat resistance especially in stop-and-go city driving. Offers enhanced transmission protection which exceeds standard factory oil.


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